Money Coaching

ClimberMoney Coaching

If you…

  • Are a current or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to grow your business,
  • Wants to earn more, talk about pricing or look more deeply at how your relationship to money is playing a role,
  • Stuck in patterns of scarcity thinking and behaving that limit the flow of money,
  • Doing so well you want to share your abundance but not sure where or how,
  • Avoiding important financial health activities such as minding your accounts or hiring a financial planner,
  • A leader who shies away from conversations about money…

then money coaching is for you.

What Money Coaching Looks Like:

We start with where you are now and where you want to be. We set objectives for our time together so we can measure progress and celebrate success. In the process, we explore beliefs and identify behaviors that drive results. Common beliefs that come up include:

  • I’m not good enough
  • Others will think I am a fraud
  • Fear of rejection
  • I’m not good with math
  • Someone else will save me
  • Wealth is bad
  • Money is stressful
  • What I own defines who I am


Coaching is usually one-on-one though I have worked with groups with promising outcomes. A typical engagement is for a minimum of six weeks and can be up to a year or more. We typically work via an online platform such as zoom though I also like to connect in person using different modes of engagement such as walking. We hold lots of information in our bodies as well as our minds!

Why Invest?

Spending money on ourselves in one of the most powerful investments we can ever make. For example, if we are a chronic underearner, no matter the number of new businesses we start, our underlying belief that talking about money is uncomfortable will guide our behaviors. If working with money is stressful, we might avoid taking care of important activities like hiring a financial planner or having enough savings for emergencies. If we use shopping as therapy, we might find our closets filled with items we don’t use or want after that initial thrill of buying. 

Ask yourself, “What would be the value to me of addressing this dimension of my life?”

Interested in learning more? Contact me for more information.