Money Coaching

You can spend your time wishing you could be different about how you approach your finances. Cindy guides you through a deep-dive process on your personal relationship with money and ultimately how to change things. The process will make you cry and laugh and hopefully in the end, it will help guide you to a new start. Money coaching opened my eyes on many levels. If you’re looking for a change in your personal approach to money, this is a great place to start. Chris K. 

Money Coaching can be of benefit to those of us who are in a relationship with money that is not serving us or those around us.

Common reasons to work with a money coach are:

  • Overspending – Our closets are full of too much stuff yet we can’t stop shopping. We might be in debt, living off of credit cards or hide our behaviors from loved ones.
  • Underearning – We struggle with asking for what we want or need, we work for free when we should be getting paid, we are uncomfortable with wealth.
  • Anxiety about Money – No matter if we have a lot of money or are getting along fine, we are constantly checking our bank balances, uncomfortable spending money on ourselves or want to give more away but are nervous about not having enough.
  • Transitioning out of a divorce or life change – A major life event can rock our financial world. We fear how we will make money if we were not the primary bread winner or want to take revenge through our pocket books.

Whatever your relationship to money, it is possible to shift your thinking and behavior in ways that produce different results.

What money coaches DON’T DO is offer financial planning or advising. We partner with other professionals to offer that support as needed.

Please find below areas of expertise:

 Women in Business

HappyLadyWe are ambitious but also prone to self doubt, thinking we are a fraud and not good with money.  We keep ourselves in a box defined by limiting beliefs.

Instead, we want to:

  • Break through old mindsets
  • Talk pricing and strategy
  • Be less anxious about money
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Nonprofit Executives

NonprofitsTalking about money for many nonprofit executives can be uncomfortable or create challenges when it comes to fundraising and maintaining personal financial health.

Instead, we want to:

  • Feel comfortable asking others for money
  • Live a sustainable life without compromising our financial health
  • Be less anxious about money
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Tension around money is a leading cause of divorce. Many couples are drawn together originally because they complement each other. Spenders and savers can work well together unless or until the lack of skills or communication takes it’s toll.

Instead we want to:

  • Be a better team for yourselves and your children.
  • Understand your personal relationship to money inside of the relationship.
  • Create a plan for becoming fiscally fit.
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