The Money Mindset course has surpassed my expectations.

As someone who enjoys daily writing and journaling, I didn’t have to be convinced of the value of it; at the very least, I thought the course would give me useful prompts to use in the morning writing I did anyway. It has been much more than that. The initial assignments get me thinking, and writing in playful ways — like a dialogue with money, or imagining who I’d be if I didn’t have this or that thought hanging heavy around my neck.

But the “fun” starts when Cindy reads what I’ve written and hones in on one or two thoughts or sentences. Her insightful questions get right to the heart of what I’m trying to say; in fact, she often sees what I’m trying to see even if I don’t. Her articulation of what she sees, and my subsequent response to that, make for a dialogue that is at once illuminating and therapeutic. No judgments, no right or wrong. Just an exploration of what I am feeling and what my words are reflecting about those feelings. We are all good at denial, or just not seeing connections, and having Cindy point out possible links between different thoughts I’m expressing is very, very helpful.

What’s more, it’s a very user-friendly course, in that I can write when I have time, answering questions as they come in or taking time to think about them. About a third of the way through, I have had more than a few “aha” moments, when Cindy — or me on my own — is able to connect the dots. I look forward to the rest of this interesting — and enlightening — journey. — Laurie C.

You can spend your time wishing you could be different about how you approach your finances. Cindy guides you through a deep-dive process on your personal relationship with money and ultimately how to change things. The process will make you cry and laugh and hopefully in the end, it will help guide you to a new start. This class opened my eyes on many levels. If you’re looking for a change in your personal approach to money, I highly recommend this course.

This Money Mindset course has really got me thinking. — Chris K. 


When I first heard of Cindy’s Money Group, I was skeptical. I’ve been an under employed stay at home mom for years. A new job will solve my money woes, not talking about money! I just need to get my nose to the grindstone and continue this job search.

I was wrong.

The work I did in the Money Group has been absolutely essential as I chart a new path and really grapple with the things that I value and the things that hold me back. Exploring my hopes, fears and beliefs around spending and earning money opened up some new and unexpected territory and helped me to rethink my career goals in very important ways.a

Cindy’s coaching style created a safe space for each of us to ask ourselves some very hard questions and she was right there, gently but firmly guiding us as we explored possible answers. Each session included rich discussion, interesting activities and a whole lot of powerful insights. My experience was invaluable. I highly recommend the Money Group. — Natalie A.


Cindy Morgan-Jaffe’s Money Work program changes the way I think about myself and the decisions I make. Cindy gently but firmly asks the tough questions, using attitudes toward money as a window into the deepest beliefs you hold. Seeing those beliefs for what they are, celebrating what they give and recognizing how they limit is hard but important work that Cindy adeptly guides you through. I better understand myself and have begun to define a new relationship with money.