Among the pile of books stacked next to the bed is one that resonated right off the bat. “Making Peace with Money” by Jerrold Mundis. This little book had me from the introduction. “This is a book about making peace with money — no matter where you begin.” Mundis claims that “if you are uncomfortable in any way with money — how you feel about it, what you do or don’t do with it, or the role it plays in your unconscious — this is a book for you.” Later he offers that peace with money means “creating a relationship with money that is simple, free of stress, worry or pain. It can even be, he claims, satisfying and even joyful! To top it off, he offers a program he says will work if I remain open minded, free of bias and willing to do the work.

As I thumb through the pages, scan the text, read a number of inspiring quotes the author gathers for each section, and review some of the exercises, the work to be done become more clear.

I need something deeper than learning strategies for setting up retirement accounts or negotiating a salary. (Though these are important skills.) I need to take a long hard look at my relationship to money and do the work needed to change it from being unhealthy to healthy. Unless I find balance around money, I won’t find a balance in the bank.