Career Counseling

Our relationship to work starts early:

  • We form core values before the age of seven.
  • We learn what work looks like and means from our family, community and the media.

    Woman and Work

    Our perception of the World of Work is created through family, community and culture and often is not in sync with our direct experience.

  • We often associate “work” with being unpleasant or burdensome.

Our understanding of the World of Work is limited:

  • We learn about careers through a narrow lens (career fairs, media, local experience).
  • Schools don’t teach us about the World of Work as a system.
  • Our participation in the World of Work starts much later in life.

We have high expectations and shared assumptions:

  • If we follow all the rules (get an education, apply) we will get a job.
  • A job will make us happy.
  • Being educated will provide all we need to be employed.

The above experiences and mindsets drive our relationship to work.

Unfortunately, what we learn, what we understand and what we expect are not in sync with our reality. Many of us feel let down, confused, overwhelmed and discouraged in our relationship to work.

This is where Career Counseling can help.

For the last 15 years I have worked in career development, focused primarily on the transition into the world of work or within the world of work. My area of expertise includes:

School to Work


The “Intern Lady” teaches seminars on how to understand, prepare for and navigate the World of Work effectively

As “The Intern Lady” I have developed a specialized knowledge of how to find and make internships successful for both individuals and organizations. I have co-authored a guide for interns called “InternSmart” and developed a series of classes called “Intern Seminars” that are ideal for onsite education of interns.

In addition, I work with students entering the workforce who want a clearer idea of how to:

  • Understand where they are and what they need.
  • Set themselves apart.
  • Create a path forward and window of opportunity.

What the Intern Lady doesn’t do is find you a job or internship. Instead, I give you the tools and strategies for doing that yourself.


Women in Transition

As the work I do with money coaching is so often intertwined with career coaching, I find these two services overlap and are ideal for women who are:

  • Getting back into the World of Work either part or fulltime.
  • Moving from the World of Work into retirement or asking “What’s Next?”
  • In a current position but want something different.

If any of these describe you, give me a call at 202.409.7441 or contact me today to set up a consultation.