Money and Work

Why do I keep coming back to money and work?

Because it keeps coming back to me.

Most of us want to get up every day and do something that feels meaningful. We want to give back. Have a purpose. Be valued. We want to be recognized and engaged. We also want to earn a living.

Sometimes, and hopefully most of the time, these wants go together. Yet the connection between money and work can be complicated because of factors we can and can’t control. We have little control over how our time and skills are valued in the marketplace. We can show up and work hard and care for $12 per hour, $35 per hour or $300 an hour. How many times have we wondered why teachers make so much less than lawyers?

The factors we have more control over are our thoughts about work and money, and how those drive our behaviors — mindset, values, beliefs, and habits. Dig into those and you find some truly valuable insights that can help lift the mantle of shame and set you on a course of new beginnings.