When I was a little girl I learned that…

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Life is not a piece of cake.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

If you want something you have to work hard for it.

Eat your dinner because there are those who go hungry.

I also learned that…

If I struggled, someone would be there to help.

If I worked hard everything would be ok.

That happiness isn’t something we can buy.

That pain is something to avoid.

That success is something to achieve.

That failure is bad and productivity is good.

I’ve held these beliefs as truths. Some are so engrained that I didn’t “see” any other way.

Until I looked at my relationship to money.

Through coaching, training, curiosity and passion for what drives us as humans, I have learned that…

The beliefs I hold can be up for grabs.

Making money doesn’t have to be bad or hard — it can even be fun.

Exploring one’s core beliefs can be transformational.

If I want something it doesn’t mean someone else will go without.

Failure can be a good thing.

Being a mom and a partner and an entrepreneur and a life long learner is an asset, not a liability.

I can even believe that money grows on trees.

You can too.

If you want help on any number of ways we let our relationship to money create problems in our lives, contact me today for a consultation.