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The Money Project is a blog I started in June, 2012. At the time I was 54 years old, a mother of five children (the oldest being 25 and the youngest being an 11 year old set of twins), divorced and now with my partner for almost as long as I was married.

I was also frustrated.


I didn’t have a good relationship with money.

designed to help me become “fiscally fit”  and to professionally develop an understanding of how our attitudes and beliefs steer our relationships to money and our career.

I started the Project in June of 2012. I was

At the time, I considered myself woefully “unfit” when it came to money. By this I mean that my relationship to money It wasn’t like I am bereft, in debt up to my eyeballs, or ignorant about finances. Afterall, I had managed the family bill paying for years and had brought in my share of the money while being a mom. I also grew up well taken care of and remain so for which I am grateful.

Ironically, the gift of my lot in life is in part why my relationship to money is what it is. And I am not alone. There many of us out here — many women — who don’t feel comfortable around money. We contributes to  part of why I feel so unfit. Or, perhaps it’s my character or my education. Whatever the reasons, I am determined to overcome the barriers I currently see and face. I intend to take a year to explore my relationship with money, understand more deeply how to manage money and to take charge of my dreams and hopes for the future. I invite those of you who would consider yourself fiscally unfit in any way to join me on this project, along with those of you who can offer advice or cheering.

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