Happiness = Health + Freedom

This formula for happiness was recently offered by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. Sounds easy right? Then why are so many of us overweight, in debt and suffering from stress, anxiety and depression?  Our relationship to money and work offers clues.  A scarcity mindset leaves us seeking approval from others and "spending" on things that ultimately aren't fulfilling. An abundant mindset, on the other hand, leaves us feeling centered and focused on what counts.

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Face Your Fears, Embrace Your Potential

We want a great job, to earn more, get out of debt, ask for a raise, get on top of our business, stop fighting about money, lose weight,  feel a greater sense of well being.  All of these wants are within our grasp. Yet why do they seem so elusive?  Why do we return over and over to the same places? Why do we lose hope?

One place the answers reside is in our brain. Another is in our heart. Another is in our daily practice. If we believe that others are responsible for our happiness then we'll never experience the right job, right body or right bank account. If we avoid fear of failure, we won't learn from challenges. If we're ashamed of our money life, we won't access prosperity.

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